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Daily Current Affairs

It is an indispensable part of IAS UPSC preparation or any competitive exam which inculded this portion. Current Affairs is being prepared using popular newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB, etc.

Learn English

English nowadays became very important language for various department of our life, but, learning this language its very easy.

NCERT's all stuff

It is really diffilcut to make one understand about how NCERT's book is important for IAS UPSC preparation. you can get every materail regarding the subject.

Motivation (videos)

During journey of anything, somewhere or other, we need motivation of inspiration for our further path. here you can wath our motivatioon videos which is mostly based on IAS .

Previous Question Papers

Previous Question Papers will always helps you to get your path-walk in right direction, here you can get all question papers. Its always free.

Question Practice

Practicing Questions everyday will improve your thinking as well productivity in writing. here we are upadating every questions, that will you need.