Shankar Ias Environment Pdf 9th Edition Pdf Free Download

Shankar IAS Environment 9th Edition PDF English

Shankar IAS Environment 9th Edition PDF English

As you all know how important Shankar IAS Environment Book 2022-23 is, this book will prove to be very important in the preparation of all your upcoming exams like UPSC, SSC, IAS, PCS, and all other types of exams, so, Shankar IAS Environment Latest Edition book can be bought very easily through the link given below.

what is included in new edition?


History of Ecology

Food Web

Environment And its Component

Levels of organizations in Ecology

Functions of an Ecosystem

Energy Flow

Food Chain

Ecological Pyramids

Pollutants and trophic level

Biotic Interaction

Bio-geo Chemical Cycle

Ecological Succession



Forest Ecosystem

Indian Forest Types

Ecosystem Rainforest

Deciduous Monsoon Forest

Bread Basket Region

Primary Consumer

Ecological Explosion



Miss Semple




Species types

Nutritional Eutrophication

Acid Rain

Marble cancer

Soil Types

Biogeographical Realm


Nitrogen Cycle

Greenhouse Gas

Biodiversity Hotspots

Ozone Depletion

Club of Rome


Biological Magnification

Young Lakes

Environment - 8/edition, 2021 - To help students in acquiring the essentials of the topic 'environment’ during preparation for Civil Services Examination, Shankar IAS Academy has brought the book, 'environment’. This book follows the paper pattern and syllabus given by Union Public Service Commission which conducts these examinations. The language of the book is simple and the content is engaging which ensures students face no trouble during studying. Plus the distinctive designing makes it easy to navigate and read. 

This bestseller book has sold over 30, 000 copies and is widely read by students. A team of highly experienced writers from Shankar IAS Academy have written this book and hence it is accurate and reliable. The updated syllabus of UPSC focuses a lot on environment. The geography Paper of the Civil Service Examination includes topics on environment and hence it is important for students to have thorough understanding of this topic. 

This book is completely dedicated on environment and covers all concepts and points. It focuses on topics like environmental ecology, bio-diversity and Climate change. Some of the topics discussed in the book include ecological pyramid and nutrient cycling, ecosystem rainforest, deciduous monsoon forest, Biome, bread basket region, food chain, primary consumer, food web, ecological pyramid, ecological explosion, ecotone, chemosynthesis, biogeochemical cycle, Miss semple, possibilism, stratosphere, biosphere, species types, nutritional eutrophication, acid rain, marble cancer, soil types, biogeographical realm, xerophytic, Nitrogen cycle, greenhouse gas, biodiversity hotspots, Ozone depletion, club of Rome, planktonic, biological magnification, young lakes, good Ozone and bio-diversity loss. 

Along with clear explanations the book gives adequate practice for students so that they can their knowledge and check their understandings. Shankar IAS Academy began its journey in the year 2004.

Shankar IAS Environment 9th Edition, 2022-23
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