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How To Improve English For UPSC Preparation, UPSC Ke Liye English Kaise Sikhe, How To Improve English Speaking For UPSC Interview

IAS Tina Dabi IAS Tina Dabi से English सीखेHow To Improve English For UPSC English bolna kaisesikhe

IAS Tina Dabi IAS Tina Dabi से English सीखेHow To Improve English For UPSC English bolna kaisesikhe

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Is English Important For UPSC?

Firstly, in the MAINS exam, there is one compulsory English Language paper and if an aspirant scores less than 25% in it, the rest of the papers are not checked. Hence, an aspirant must have a basic knowledge of this language to at least clear this paper. One must be able to comprehend and understand the language. The types of questions asked in this paper are- translation, précis writing, comprehension, basic grammar usage, and essay writing. These are quite easy topics, generally covered in school (standards VI to IX). All you need is practice.

Secondly, most of the standard study materials for the UPSC Exam are in English, and to an extent in Hindi. Even, most online resources are in English. Therefore, knowledge of English can definitely be beneficial here. Although, as a pro member of SprintUPSC, you can have full access to the whole site including all practice tests, explanations, and features in Hindi. SprintUPSC is India’s first fully bilingual practice platform for UPSC Prelims.

English however, is a minor hurdle that can be overcome with proper techniques and effort. It is necessary just for one paper, which you inevitably have to clear to qualify. All the other papers can be taken in any language which you are comfortable in. Even for the interview, you can opt for a regional language. The overall UPSC exam is extremely flexible as you get the option to write your MAINS in one language while giving your interview in another. UPSC wants to test your basic English Language skills. This is necessary for your communication in case you are posted at a place where the only possible way to converse is in English. The aspirants come from diverse backgrounds; hence UPSC always encourages them to choose from a vast pool of languages.

how to improve English for UPSC exam

Read the newspapers daily:

For the UPSC aspirants, reading on a day-to-day basis is not something new. Not only it helps them enhance their reading habit but it also complements their overall preparation. However, there will be students who may not be comfortable with English and decide to switch to another language. 

In order to improve your English and prosper, read daily articles in English newspapers without fail. Moreover, follow certain editorials which will give access to a wide world of vocabulary. Not only it will help in understanding the language better but it will also give an idea of different styles of writing the exam.

You need to immerse yourself in English 

This might sound a little idiotic and silly especially when the aspirants do not know how to do it only. This is where the magic lies. It’s very common to understand that in today’s world, every student has a certain level of command over the English language. However, when the practice is not up to the mark, the list of drawbacks keeps on increasing. Even for aspirants who are well versed in the art of speaking face difficulty at times in fluent communication. The solution? Well, it’s an art, therefore, keep on polishing it. As it will help you improve your English for the UPSC Exam.

The more the aspirant thinks and talks in English, the better the situation will be. Moreover, there are many courses available online which can help them out and serve the whole purpose of practice.

Try to watch something in English

For an IAS aspirant, this can be a wonderful opportunity to learn and relax at the same time. It’s not very often for a candidate to enjoy such leisures of life, especially such a competitive task is at hand. However, learning is the underlying motive and it needs to be done. 

In order to learn new words, new styles of talking, and expressing, it is very important to watch something in English. While doing this exercise, the student should focus on new difficult words and jot them down. Moreover, there should be a complete focus on the lines delivered on the screen. This will help in memorizing and constructing new sentences on the way to success.

Learn new words daily

Having a smooth command over the vocabulary is not something easy and simple. It takes time and a lot of memorizing power to remember and apply. The use of vocabulary in the sentence tells the other party about the standard of English. How to learn new words?

Read the above points again. In addition, get a hold on a good dictionary that comprises a vast ocean of words and their meanings. Learn at least 20-30 words daily to improve the usage of vocabulary.

Solve the questions papers to Improve English:

Last but not the least, while it is obvious for the aspirants to solve the previous' year's question papers, it is highly recommended by the experts to focus on the English questionnaire. While practicing those question papers, it will give an idea to the aspirant of what is expected of them.

This will give them an idea of the questions that come and the level of answers it requires. 

Like all other significant things, building a command over the English language could be a vigorous task. Every year many people from different language backgrounds apply and fail due to the language barrier. One of the most important reasons for this is the lack of practice. Therefore, when it comes to English instead of a formal designated approach, try these fun learning techniques and experience the change over time. 

Vocabulary for UPSC 


the protection or promotion of the interests of consumers.



depict (someone or something) in a work of art or literature.

Mass media

newspapers, television, radio, and the internet:

Social attitude

सामाजिक रवैया


the preferred form in American English is toward without the -s, while the preferred British English form is towards with the -s.  


in a way that expresses or involves an analysis of the merits and faults of a work of literature, music, or art.


मूल्यांकन करना

Such as or like

We don’t use such as when we compare things:

All Indians wore deep saffron (Kesari), and white and dark green t-shirts, like the colors of their national flag.



strengthen or support (an object or substance), especially with additional material.

Subordinate (v and adj and noun)

lower in rank or position.



a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

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