No Jeans and T-Shirt Allowed in Office, A collector order

Employees will not be able to come to office wearing jeans and t-shirts, here DM issued order

No Jeans and T-Shirt Allowed in Office: The DM Office in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh has issued an order prohibiting employees and officers from wearing jeans and T-shirts to the office. 

Bareilly DM Shivkant Dwivedi has also banned other casual dress in the office. After this, now employees and officers will not be able to come wearing jeans and T-shirts to the Bareilly District Officer's office.

In the order issued by Bareilly DM Shivkant Dwivedi, it has been said that government employees and officers should wear formal dress, so that they look like officers.  People who have to wear casuals dress can wear it outside the office.

Why was such an order issued?
It has been observed that many officers/employees (mainly contractual employees and consultants engaged in government work) do not wear suitable attire, the order said. Therefore, the image of government employees gets spoiled among the people.

Action will be taken for violating the order
If any employee violates this order, action will be taken against him. It was already forbidden by the government to wear jeans and T-shirts in the offices. Now Bareilly district administration has given orders to implement it strictly. The office staff is taking this order positively and in office hours, all are wearing formal attire.

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