Left the giant job of foreign for becoming an IPS

This IPS officer left the foreign job for serving to the nation
IPS Ilma Afroz place 
Ilma Afroz hails from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. When Ilma Afroz was just 14 years old, her father died. After this incident, the entire responsibility of the house fell on Ilma's mother. She also faced many troubles to raise her daughter.

She used to work in the farm to run the household expenses. Ilma also used to work in the fields to support her mother during this difficult time.
People used to advise Ilma mother that it is better to get Ilma married in some way than to waste money behind studies, but her mother thought it have better focus on her daughter's studies. Ilma was also bright student since childhood.  

IPS Ilma afroz got her early education from the school of Moradabad. After this she completed her graduation in Philosophy from St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi.

Her hard work paid, Ilma got a scholarship from Oxford University and she also did her post graduation from there, however, Ilma had to take tuition to the children and sometimes also had to take care of them to meet the remaining expenses.

Ilma got a good job offer in New York only after doing post graduation. If she wanted, she would have lived her life comfortably by joining this job, but she gave priority to her family and her country before this job.
Ilma left her foreign job and returned to her country India. After coming here, she made up her mind to take the Civil Services Examination. In this decision of Ilma, her brother also helped a lot.

IPS Ilma Afroz Rank 
Ilma was completely emersed herself in studies for the Civil Services Examination. The result of her hard work and determination was that in the year 2017 she cleared this exam with 217th rank. When she got a chance to choose the service, she chose IPS. After this she was appointed IPS in Himachal Pradesh cadre.

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