Safin Hasan Biography : Meet the youngest IPS officer Safin Hassan Who Told About UPSC

Safin Hasan Biography 

Safin Hasan Biography, Safin Hasan UPSC Rank, Safin Hasan IPS Current Posting

Safin Hasan UPSC Rank

Safin Hassan secured 570th rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination of 2018. This was his first attempt. Then he was only 22 years old. 

Safin Hasan IPS Current Posting

Today he is the Assistant Superintendent of Police in Gujarat. He became the youngest IPS officer.

Safin Hasan, who became an IPS officer at the youngest (22), had decided in primary school that he wanted to become an IAS IPS. Safin's father was an electrician. Mother used to work in a diamond factory first, then she did the work of making Rotis in marriage. It was not easy for him to fulfill his dreams as his financial condition was not strong.

When Safin went to college, he used to be made fun of for his English-speaking tone. But he continued to speak English. He gave his UPSC interview in English. His second highest marks came in the whole country. They say that UPSC does not check your knowledge only.

In another interview, Safin said, 'Chanakya says that those who learn from the experience of others, they move forward quickly because life is too short to learn everything by taking experience from themselves. That's why I read a lot of interviews and blogs of toppers during my college days. I knew what mistakes he had made and I should not do them.

In another interview, he told, 'I had an accident at 8 am on the day of UPSC Mains. One hand was injured. But the right was hand safe. But I decided to write the exam. I had an interview on 23 March. On February 20, due to infection in the body, he had to be admitted to the hospital. It was a very high fever. Recovered on 1st March. Came to Delhi on 2nd March. Tonsilitis again attacked on 3 March. Then admitted to the hospital in Ahmedabad. He was discharged from the hospital on 15 March. Then came back to Delhi on 16 March. My friends were preparing for the interview for a month. But I had complete confidence. I took it as an opportunity to prove myself.

Regarding the preparation of current affairs, Safin said, “UPSC aspirants make current affairs notes from newspapers but I never made them. I believe that we pay such hefty fees for coaching institutes, they provide us with very good monthly magazines, let us read only those, it is enough. When those people are making notes for us so hard, then why should I waste time making notes by myself.'

Safin Hasan Biography, Safin Hasan UPSC Rank, Safin Hasan IPS Current Posting

In the picture, Safin with her life partner. A few years ago, during an interview to the Times of India, Safin told that he wanted to join the IAS. He also took the civil services exam again. But he could not pass the exam. Then he decided to serve the country as an IPS officer.

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