New South IAS Movie In Hindi 2022 , IAS Movie Hindi, IAS South Movie In Hindi, IAS Officer Movie

New South IAS Movie In Hindi, IAS Movie Hindi, IAS South Movie In Hindi, IAS Officer Movie 

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STORY: Studious, small-town lad Ajay Singh (Rajeev Khandelwal) hails from a simple family, with humble earnings. He toils hard to fulfill his father's long-cherished dream of seeing his son serve the nation as a civil servant. But, as fate would have it, Ajay ends up on the wrong side of life.

What to say about the movie : Ajay Singh is a simple, earnest and hard-working college goer, who wants to work towards realising the dreams of his father. For that, Ajay keeps distractions of all kinds at bay. But, after a chance encounter with a local goon and scamster Gyanu Singh (Abhimanyu Singh), who is notorious for his involvement with the disgraced Lucknow University's leaked question paper controversy, the once docile Ajay (aka Ajji) goes on a killing spree. While some call him a victim of circumstances, others show no mercy and are thirsty for his blood for reasons more than one.

 Sure, the makers have made it evidently clear through the tagline of the film that it is a tribute to the 80s era of cinema, but we were not cautioned about the fact that it is a sum total of what that period encapsulates.

 For starters, the background score is melodramatic, and so are the scenes between the father-son duo. No offense, everyone pines for a simple lifestyle and close bond with family members, but what is shown in 'Pranaam' is a bit too hard to digest by 2019 standards. Other aspects of the film that remind you of the time that's gone by, which in no way is a compliment, is the cop and villains -- mouth their dialogues in a sing-song fashion, and some even only in proverbs, loud, obnoxious and oh-so-outrageously sleazy.

 Yes, Rajeev Khandelwal as the obedient son and sincere college boy is both convincing, and personable to a reasonable degree, but the part where he plays a gangster? Not so much. Both Atul Kulkarni as the morally loose cop Rajpal Singh, and Abhimanyu Singh as the conniving goon Gyanu, have portrayed their respective parts well. As for the female lead - Manjari Shukla (played by Sameksha Singh) - she does her bit as Ajay's suffer-in-silence lover and constant source of support but since there is nothing for her in the script, this role is easily forgettable.

 Needless to say, the screenplay is all things 80s and the direction is also a constant reminder of that time zone; bland, boring and beyond comprehension in parts.

 In a different world, where the 80s era of long water-splashing shots and folks crying their hearts out for their kids' well-being at temples is still a hit, 'Pranaam' would have worked, and in a massive way. But this world is flawed, and so is this crime drama.

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