Indian pangolin UPSC

Indian pangolin

Indian pangolin UPSC

Context : The Odisha Forest and Environment Department has completed its first-ever radio-tagging of the Indian pangolin in an attempt to standardise the rehabilitation protocol for the animal in the State.

Aa radio-tagged Indian pangolin was released into the wild in Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary following soft release protocols and provision for post-release monitoring. After Madhya Pradesh, Odisha is the second State in the country to release a radio-tagged Indian pangolin into the wild/

About Indian Pangolin UPSC

Has thick scaly skin  
Hunted for meat and used in traditional Chinese medicine.  
Pangolins are among the most trafficked wildlife species in the world.  
Indian pangolin is the largest among eight pangolin species.
Out of the eight species of pangolin, the Indian and the Chinese pangolins are found in India.  
Both these species are listed under Schedule I Part I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.
The nocturnal animal lives in burrows and feed on ants and termites.

Indian Pangolin IUCN Red List

Indian Pangolin: Endangered
Chinese Pangolin: Critically Endangered

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