India-Kyrgyzstan hold First Strategic Dialogue

India-Kyrgyzstan hold First Strategic Dialogue

India-Kyrgyzstan hold First Strategic Dialogue upsc

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Context: The Secretary of the Security Council of the Kyrgyz Republic, Lieutenant General Marat Imankulov, visited India for the first Strategic Dialogue between the National Security Council Secretariats on Tuesday, government officials said.

During the summit, both the countries agreed to enhance security & defence cooperation. The cooperation seeks to address common threats and challenges faced by them. Both, India & Kyrgyzstan, are facing threat and challenges due to situation in Afghanistan.

They also held discussions on regional security environment with special reference to Afghanistan.

Both agreed upon steps for enhancing bilateral security cooperation among relevant bodies, such as fields of counterterrorism, narcotics control, combating radicalisation, and defence cooperation.

India-Kyrgyzstan Relations UPSC

India shares close relations with Central Asia, especially with the countries that were part of ancient Silk Route, including Kyrgyzstan. Both had limited political, economic, and cultural ties. 

In the year 1985, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi visited Bishkek and Issyk Kul Lake. India established diplomatic relations with Kyrgyzstan in 1992 after the independence of Kyrgyzstan on August 31, 1991. India set up resident Mission in 1994.

India-Kyrgyzstan Relations Political relations UPSC

India’s political relations with Kyrgyz Republic is traditionally warm and friendly. Leaderships of Kyrgyz have been supportive of India’s stand on Kashmir. They have also welcomed the ongoing peace process. It also supported India’s bid for permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council as well as full membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Common Concerns

Both countries share common concerns like threat of terrorism, drug-trafficking, and extremism. They have also signed several framework agreements like on Culture, Trade & Economic Cooperation, Investment Promotion & Protection, Civil Aviation, Avoidance of Double Taxation, etc.

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