IAS Megha Arora : Father is an IPS officer and mother an IRS officer now daughter will be an IAS or not

IAS Megha Arora 

Father is an IPS officer and mother an IRS officer now daughter will be an IAS or not 

Megha Arora IAS

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Nowadays, One or the other wants to become an IAS or IPS Officer and willing to serve for the country. But, it seem easy to say that "I will be an IAS or IPS", though, it will take a lot time and efforts. If you get failure then who knows what you are going to do! you can give up and will no longer be in the journey struggling for success but on the other hand if you cope with these cumbersome failure and achieve what do you want to be, then you will be written down by other and be read by the other as you are reading them now.

Such  a story today we are going to see, read and try to understand that failure is just a little staggering  step toward success.

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IFS Megha Arora Rank

Megha Arora got 108 rank in UPSC CSE 2017 exam. This was her third attempt and she chose IFS instead of IAS. Earlier she had given her first attempt in 2014. Megha had high hopes in her first attempt, but she could not succeed in it. She started working on her shortcomings and gave a second attempt in 2015. In this also she did not get success. Far from success, she could not clear the prelims in both these attempts.

Megha Arora's father and mother also cleared the UPSC exam. Megha's father Suresh Arora is a senior IPS officer of Punjab cadre. He has also been the DGP of Punjab. Megha's mother Sonali Arora is also an IRS officer and is serving in Himachal Pradesh. Megha did her graduation from Emory University in America after her schooling. After this she took admission in University of London for MA.

Why was the IAS not chosen? When Megha was asked about not choosing IAS even after getting a good rank in an interview, she said, 'I want to take my country's voice in foreign forums, so I chose foreign services. I had prepared for UPSC exam only for foreign services.

When Megha was asked about the way she prepares, she said, “Revision is very important while preparing for UPSC. I also saw the same mistake in two attempts. Because I didn't do revision well. The best way to revise is also to make notes. You can easily revise by making notes. Try to have less books and study from them again and again.

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