Terrifying move: Boy and girl who reached UPSC interview commit suicide, no suicide note found

Terrifying move: Boy and girl who reached UPSC interview commit suicide, no suicide note found, Chandigarh news

A young man and a girl committed suicide after failing in UPSC in Chandigarh. Both ended their lives by hanging. Both the cases are from Sector-37 and 38 of Chandigarh. Within a span of four hours, the young man and the girl took a dreadful step. There is no connection between the two incidents, the police is probing the matter from this angle as well.

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A young man and a girl, who were preparing for UPSC, committed suicide by hanging themselves in a span of four hours in Sector-37 and 38 of Chandigarh. In the preliminary investigation of the police, it has been found that both of them could not clear the UPSC examination. This was his last chance. It is feared that due to this, Ankit Chahal (30), originally a resident of Sonipat in Haryana and Simran (29), a resident of Sector-38, committed suicide.

Sector-39 police station has started investigation in both the cases by taking action under Section 174 of CrPC. At the same time, the police is also probing whether there is any connection between the two incidents. On Friday afternoon, around 1.30 pm, the police got information that a young man has hanged himself on the top floor of house number-2413 of Sector-37/C.

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The police, who reached the information, took down the young man hanging from the noose of the sheet and brought him to GMSH-16, where the doctors declared the young man dead. Police did not find any suicide note from the spot. Police investigation revealed that Ankit Chahal was living on rent in the house of Sector-37/C for the last four years. Ankit was mentally disturbed due to failure in UPSC examinations.

The incident came to light when Ankit's cousin reached to meet him on Friday afternoon. At the same time, on the statement of family members, the police is assuming that Ankit has committed suicide due to mental pressure. On the other hand, Simran (30) lived with her mother and brother in house number-3482 of Sector-38/D. Simran was also preparing for UPSC. In her last attempt, she had reached the interview but after not passing, she went to work in Delhi.

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There too she had returned due to being under stress. Brother and mother went to the market on Friday evening. On returning back at 5.30 pm, I saw that Simran was hanging on the noose with the help of a chunni. After informing the police, Simran was taken to Sector-16 Hospital. Where the doctors declared him dead. At present, the post-mortem of both the dead bodies will be done after corona examination. After that the body will be handed over to the police.

Police is investigating these aspects

Why both committed suicide on the same day?

Are the known to each other?

Have they prepared from the same institute?

Reconciliation of statements of friends and relatives

Suicide note not recovered in both the cases

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