Policy on Vintage Vehicles Current Affairs for upsc in english

Policy on Vintage Vehicles

Current Affairs for upsc in english

The government is framing a new policy to regulate the vintage motor vehicles (2-wheeler or 4-wheeler).

Definition - Currently, the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR), 1989 do not define what vintage vehicles are.

The new policy will insert new clauses to bring a standard definition and how such vehicles cannot be used.

The term will cover any vehicle, 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler, which is more than 50 years old from the date of first registration after first sale, including any vehicle imported into India.

Conditions - This will be subject to the condition that such vehicles should be maintained in its original form.

These vehicles should not have undergone any substantial overhaul that includes any modification in chassis or body shell, and/or engine.

The new policy seeks to mandate that such vehicles cannot be used for commercial purposes or put to regular use. Other than that, the owners can use their vintage cars in any way wish.

Registration - Old vehicles already carry their registration numbers, which will continue.

For new ones, like imported vintage vehicles or old Indian cars over 50 years old seeking to enter the vintage category, a new numbering system will come into effect.

These vehicles will carry a registration plate displaying the state code in two letters followed by VA for vintage, then a 2-letter series and finally a 4-digit series (0001 to 9999) allotted by the state registering authority.

Registration information will be on the Parivahan portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

New vintage vehicles can be registered for Rs. 20,000; re-registration/ renewal will cost Rs 5,000. The registration certificate will be valid for 10 years, renewable thereafter.

Sale and purchase of vehicles registered as vintage is permissible; the buyer and seller have to inform their respective State Transport Authorities.

Application of Scrappage Policy - The upcoming vehicle scrappage policy will not apply to these vehicles.

If a vehicle is more than 15 years old but within 50 years, the owner can continue to keep it by passing fitness tests every 5 years.

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