Name exceeds more than 30 characters, what should I do? UPSC

Name exceeds more than 30 characters, what should I do? 

Today we are here to discuss about very important and might be cumbersome task for some students. While filling up form for CSE UPSC, you get stuck because of the limit (UPSC mentions it as Name exceeds more than 30 character ) . Then how to tackle it. 

Let's dive in it. 

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1) What should I do if my name is more than space limit of 30 characters?
2) UPSC name change rules
3) Correction in UPSC form
4) UPSC Helpline

If your name exceeds more than 30 characters, please abbreviate you name in Name Column, and then press TAB key. 

Full Name column displays below to facilitate the candidate to write his full name in Full Name column. 

Do not forget to send a signed written request to Joint Secretary (Examination), UPSC, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi 110069 by Speed-post or by Fax (011-23387310) giving details of the full name and reasons for abbreviation in this regard; otherwise your application / candidature may be rejected at a later stage.

sample post for UPSC

 Date :  
To the
Joint  Secretary  (Examination),  UPSC, Dholpur House,  Shahjahan  Road,   New Delhi  110069 

Subject  :  for  abbreviating  name  

 Respected  sir/madam

 I  am  writing  this  letter because  my  name  is  exceeding  the  limitation  while filling  up  the  form for  CSE  UPSC.  My  full  name  is _______.  As  it  goes  beyond  the  limitation  (name  exceeds  more  than  30 characters)  outlined  by  the  UPSC.  So,  I  would  like to  abbreviate  it  as  _________.  ________  is  my  father name.  Having  been  told  that candidates  must  provide  reasonable  merits  for  abbreviating  name  so,  I  am sending  this  letter in  the  regard. 

 Please  allow me  to  abbreviate  my  name  . 
Please,  kindly  consider it.

 My  Registration  ID  : ______
Mobile  number:  _______
 Email  :  ____

Applicant’s  signature   

You have to resolve this by sending a post so, don't take any risk just send it


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