Gunjan Singh IAS rank 16th UPSC 2019

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Today, you will tell the story of Gunjan Singh, who lives in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh,

She got success in the third attempt.

The special thing is that until the last year of graduation, Gunjan did not want to come to UPSC.  She graduated from IIT Kharagpur and did an internship during this period.  During the internship, she taught poor children and thought of helping poor people.

The dream was to enroll in IIT

Gunjan was always smart in studies and her dream was to enroll in IIT.  For this, she studied a lot till intermediate and after that she gave the exam of JEE.  She got success in this and she graduated from IIT Roorkee.  

Till now, there was no thought of going to UPSC in her mind.  After this she went to a village for internship and after seeing the situation of the people there made up her mind to help them.  She thought that if she goes to UPSC and become IAS officers, then it will be easier to help the poor people.  This is what has settled in her mind and she is determined to achieve success in UPSC.

UPSC Journey of Gunjan Singh IAS
She made her first attempt but she could not pass the pre exam.  Not disappointed with this, she rectified her shortcomings in the second attempt and reached the interview round.

This was her third attempt in the year 2019 and this time she fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS by getting the 16th rank with precise strategy.

To the UPSC aspirants
To participate in the exam with precise strategy and better answer writing practice.

Will have to be self-motive

Preparation will have to be continued by keeping ourselves positive.

Try to make two type of plan micro and macro plan and excute it. 

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