Know this, IAS And IPS Officers Are Not Allowed To Use The Laal Batti? Then Who Can Have?

The Supreme Court on December (2016) had directed the State governments and UTs to regulate the use of red beacon lights in vehicles carrying high dignitaries and use of lights of other colours on vehicles used by men in uniform, operational agencies and vehicles engaged in emergency duties.

In the October, the Transport Commissioner sent a proposal to the government which approved it and issued an order on Saturday.

Hereafter, only the vehicles carrying the Governor, Chief Minister, Chief Justice of the High Court, Assembly Speaker, Ministers and Judges of the High Court would be permitted to use red light with flasher as top light.

Vehicles carrying Chief Secretary, Deputy Speaker, Chairmen of advisory boards and commissions like Human Rights, Minorities, Public Service, Law; State Election Commissioner, Advocate General could use red light but without flasher as top light.

The vehicles carrying top police in the rank of DGP, ADGP, IG, DIG, SP, Commissioner, Additional Commissioner, DC and AC, ASP, DSP could use blue light with flasher as top light.

Vehicles carrying officials like government secretaries, department heads, district collectors, municipal chairmen and commissioners, district judges who require unhindered access to the roads for performing their duties can use blue light with flasher as top light, the order states.

2017 (source : BBC)
Under the new rule, only emergency vehicles, ambulances, fire engines and police cars can use flashing blue lights.
Critics say VIPs often use red beacons as a status symbol, leading to traffic chaos for commuters.
Status-conscious politicians and government officials are also accused of using the beacons to bypass the gridlocked city traffic on official business and show off their importance.

Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took the lead in 2015 by asserting he would not have the red beacon on his car.

In 2013, India's Supreme Court had said that only those holding constitutional office - the president, the prime minister, cabinet ministers, senior judges and some other officials - could have red beacons on their cars.

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