Which stream is best for preparation of IAS UPSC EXAM?

Which stream is best for preparation of IAS arts, science or commerce?


If you have decided to attend IAS UPSC (CSE) in any concerned year, so its most likely to have this kind of question, what must have a stream or faculty in his/her graduation? What should I choose area/faculty/stream/concentration in my graduation? Is Bachelor of Arts (B.A) good for IAS UPSC? Can I take B.S.C and pass IAS UPSC? Can I crack IAS UPSC exam with B.E, B.C.A? Which stream is better to choose after 10th for IAS preparation? Which stream is considered the best for IAS? Which degree is best for the IAS? Which stream is best after 10th if I want to become a civil servant like IAS, IPS, etc.?

Eventually what should be my concentration in graduation for cracking CSE?

As far as graduation degree concerned, so, you need only degree from recognized university. Whether you are from any field let’s say B.Com, B.E, B.S.C, B.C.A or any other which is considered as a degree, will be eligible for this exam.  

Now perhaps you thinking, whatever, but, what should be my faculty for cracking this exam.

For better understanding by yourself you need to check its syllabus. Its syllabus includes some foundation subjects which you must have knowledge about it such as Goegraphy, History, Political Science, Economics, Environment etc. you need gain knowledge about these subjects and you must have to able for answering these questions, which will be asked in the exam.

Now you can take B.A as a concentration for your graduation. But you will have to choose those subjects which is considered backbone for IAS exam such as History, Political Science, Economic, Geography etc.

You can chose any stream as per your choice. The command in the subject is the key to success for the exam. An IAS exam almost include all the subjects. The GS part is more focused towards arts section, but for the optional you have wide choices. People from all the background clears the IAS UPSC examination.

If you still thinking what should be your subject in the graduation, let me clear your doubt with some example.

Ms. Tina Dabi she was topper of about 2015 year and she had  Political Science as her stream and  Athar Aamir was from B.tech from IIT field.

My word : Choose your stream according your interest and exam strategy as an ias aspirant, I suggest Arts(Humanities subject like political science, History, Philosophy, Public administration, Economics, Geography etc.) at college level these subjects covers your prelims as well as mains (GS) papers and for science, Maths, Reasoning part you can study these only in three or four weeks.

But, still, you need to only pass degree and you must have only degree from any field, it means you can take any stream as your graduation for cracking IAS Exam.

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